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Another Chance INC

Faith and Sober Living

Another Chance Ministries is an outreach ministry founded by Dr. Pastor J. Troy Gray which seeks to serve men and women  in need of "another chance." The program provides residential recovery for men who are battling addictions as well as men and women  transitioning back into the real world after being released from prison. As of today there are five residential houses in chillicothe Ohio, all houses have one full time live in RA. IOP Services, AOD and Mental Health. 


Another Chance provides these men and women with an opportunity to recover with a faith- based foundation. Each resident is required to set goals for themselves (with the guidance of counselors and Resident Advisors) which include a personal goal, a recovery goal, a spiritual goal, and an employment goal. Residents are also required to attend groups, counseling, and treatment outside of the house as well as actively engage in in-home individual and group sessions. Since the startup of Another Chance, over 100  have successfully completed the program and graduated. 


This program is setting out to do the very mission of Zion Baptist Church, reaching the sick and afflicted! Zion is committed to being a “whosoever will let them come church!” It doesn’t matter the addiction, the crime, or the circumstance, we want to give these men another chance by building a foundation of Christ in their hearts and minds! 

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